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Pet sitting: Why you need a client services agreement form – with sample

By Ann MacDonald



Summary: An overview of why pet sitters should use a client services agreement, along with a complete form template.



    When you run a pet sitting business, it is important to use a client services agreement form. This form ensures you get all of the information you need from your clients and helps your clients to understand the services you provide and the fees you charge for those services. By having a client sign an agreement, you formalize the relationship and ensure you have a shared understanding of the services you will be providing.

    A client services agreement should provide general information about your client including name, address and contact phone numbers. It should also include access information for the home such as alarm or security codes and the location of additional keys to the home.

    Include the charges for the services you offer on the agreement and have the client sign the document indicating his acceptance of your rates.

    Finally, you will need specific information about your client's current needs. Specifically, get the dates the service is needed, the number of visits per day and any special requirements for that visit.

    In addition to the client services agreement, it is also wise to have your client fill out fact sheets with information about each pet and complete a veterinary release so that you can seek care if an animal becomes ill or injured while under your car.

    A basic template for a client services agreement follows (see next page):





    Name/s:    _______________________________________________________________

    Address: __________________________________ _____________________________

                     ____________________________________________ ___________________

                     _____________________________________ __________________________

    Home Phone: (____) ________________

    Work Phone: (____) ________ ________

    Cell Phone:   (____) _______ _________

    Email: _______________________________________________

    Emergency Contact:     ____________________________________________________

    Location of Extra Key: ____________________________________________________

    Alarm deactivation Code: __________________________________________________

    Alarm activation Code: ____________________________________________________

    Alarm company Name: _____________________________________________________

    Alarm company Phone: ____________________________________________________


    I agree that I have requested that petsitter take care of my pet. I agree to pay the charges accrued for the services provided as outlined in this agreement.

    Charge per visit: $

    I understand that payment is due at or prior to the time of the first visit


    Owner's Signature: _________________________ Date:_________________________

    Owner's Name (please print):___________________




    Date of first visit:                 _______________________________


    Date of last visit:                ________________________________


    Number of visits per day:  ________________________________

     Total number of visits:

     Overnight:  ________________

      Daily visits:________________

      Additional duties (please circle those you would like to request):

        Bring in mail/papers

       Water plants

      Put out trash cans/recycling


    Where can we reach you?

     Address: __________________________________________

     Phone:    __________________________________________

      Email:     __________________________________________


    Do you want us to verify you have returned on time and continue to visit if we do not hear from you?

    YES / NO

    Would you like us to contact you regularly during the visit?

    YES / NO

    If yes, please indicate by what method and when/how often:




    Additional Notes:










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